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Kura's Animal Crossing New Leaf Literal Let's Play

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Day 61: February 23, 2020


Opening Thoughts:

Hello, everyone, and welcome!

Last night I missed the K.K. Concert again, and it wasn't a great night for catching rare bugs. At one point I got so frustrated by all the common bugs on the fruit trees that I cut the trees down. But I promise to plant new ones once I'm done with all the loans.

Also, today's Pate's birthday! I got her what might be the perfect present for a little duck.


Tasks Accomplished:

Harvested Cherries

Dug up Pitfalls, fossils [four old]

Harvested Lychees

Got 6/8 ore from the bell rock when I could have got all eight except for misplaced flowers making two of the ore vanish--now I've learned my lesson: I'll have a ring of space around each tree and rock from now on

Ordered Round Mini Cactus from Saharah at the Campground [it's cute and it reminds me of a Good Place joke, so I thought, hey, I might as well]

Harvested Pears and Apples

Harvested Bananas and Coconuts

Got a Science Table from Roald that I definitely didn't want

Worked at the cafe, got Superb Coffee Beans and the Cafe Uniform [looks like I've got almost all the cafe items!]

Used the Rotten Turnips as bait to catch and Ant, then donated it and got rid of the Turnips

Sold fruit, fossils, ore, Coffee Beans, and unwanted items

Bought Pate's Tea Set at ReTail

Gathered and sold Seashells

Updated Kittycat Town Dream

Visited Club LOL, traded a Cherry for Aggravation Joke

Ordered first expansion for Daily Fortune Items room

Saved mail

Stopped the Sphinx project [I thought a lot about this, and came to the conclusion that the super pricey Public Works Projects aren't worth it]

Gave Pate the Outdoor Bath for her birthday [now she can have an outdoor bath indoors! ...Yay!]

Went to the Island, played the Fossil Finder Minigame, which might just be the best minigame of all, since it gives a whole ten minutes! Some of them, like the Ore Finder Minigame, only gives a measly four minutes, and most of the others give around five. I got a whole bunch of rare fruit, and caught a Frog and a Crayfish in some ponds in the process, so there's two more creatures off the list. I'm not sure why they're counted as fish since...they aren't, at all.


Items Received:

Letter + Green Wallpaper [from Roald; not this wallpaper again--I don't like that particular shade]

Letter + Rocoro Carpet [from mom; why does she keep sending me things I don't really want?]

Letter + Wendell's Painting [from the Campground; it's a painting of the train and a field of sunflowers]

Balloon Present: Manor Wallpaper

Wrapping Paper [bought]

Daily Fortune #35: "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." = Master Sword [heck yeah!]

#30 again = Bear Pole [consolation prize; I had no idea what it was going to be based on the name, but it turned out to be a totem pole, so that's neat]

White Lily and Yellow Pansy [bought and planted]

Festivale Tank Top [bought; now I have all the Festivale clothes!]

Bunny Hood [bought; too bad it doesn't look like the one in Zelda games]


Next Plans:

Pay off the new loan

Buy another Pink Azalea Start and two White Azalea Starts

Beat the target scores for level 5-7 for Desert Island Escape's Normal Mode


Closing Thoughts:

...I didn't get around to playing Desert Island Escape today. *sigh*

Tonight I'll go back to the Island and see if I have better luck catching rare bugs this time.

That's all for today! See you next time!

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Also, tomorrow is Festivale Day, and I've had my costume picked out for a couple days now, so I'm going to postpone picture sharing until tomorrow [not because I just forgot about it today].


Oh, and haircuts. Add that to the list of things I didn't get around to doing. 😅

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