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Am I overthinking it all?

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2 hours ago, Rune_Weaver said:

So after therapy yesterday and doing a lot of thinking... I think most (if not all) my questioning stems from self esteem issues... I care too much what other people think and feel like I'm a fake because I do have a sex drive, even though being ACE has nothing to do with that... so yeah... thank you to everyone who has helped me think this out. I'm not 100% sure I'm cis, but I think if any label does apply it's a micro-microlabel that honestly no one would even know of anyways, so cis-female is probably just easier. 

Well, it's good not to question from worry, anyway :) As long as you can keep exploring and know it's ok however you are, you might find some stuff, but it's good to have a base too. Whether it's about sexuality, or gender expressions, or being a little non-binary in some way, you're still you. I think a lot of us have self-esteem issues, too. It's not fun. We need to learn to be ok with how we are, and find what feels good to us, I think happiness is a good measure.

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