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AVEN Digest - 2nd December

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AVEN Digest - 2nd December 2019


Site News:


Find out the latest from the Project Team in the bulletin thread.


Research Requests:


A high school student is looking for asexual and aromantic perspectives on romance.


A researcher at Case Western Reserve University is conducting a survey on identity and social anxiety.


A researcher at UBC is looking for participants in Canada for a study on the cognitive processing of sexual cues.


World Watch:


Asexuality is mentioned in a review of The Good Doctor on TV Fanatic.


A new YouTube channel discusses asexuality and aromanticism.


There's also a new blog on asexuality.




Australian meetup - Newcastle (7th December)


Irish meetup - Galway (5th December)


UK meetups - Rochester (7th December); Wakefield (7th-8th December); Edinburgh (8th December)


US meetup - Salt Lake City, Utah (discussion group, 8th December)


The full schedule for 2019 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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