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AVEN Digest - 4th November 2019

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AVEN Digest - 4th November 2019


Site News:


The Terms of Service have been updated.


World Watch:


Cambridge News does some asexual myth-busting.


The Miami Hurricane looks at asexual representation.


FeminismIndia discusses how patriarchy affects asexual women.


Allure discusses asexual representation on BoJack Horseman.


Video game Outer Worlds has an asexual character.


Kristina Gupta analyses 'sex for health' discourse in a paper in the Journal of Medical Humanities.


New University examines what asexuality and aromanticism can tell us about relationships.


Author N K Jemisin discusses writing an asexual character while not identifying as asexual in an article for Vulture.




Canadian meetups - Burnaby (8th November); Vancouver (9th and 11th November)


Irish meetup - Dublin (6th November)


UK meetups - Glasgow, London (9th November); Eastbourne, Liverpool, Newark (10th November)


US meetup - Salt Lake City, Utah (10th November)


The full schedule for 2019 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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