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AVEN Digest - 26th August 2019

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AVEN Digest - 26th August 2019


Site News:


Nominations are being taken for a new member of the Declassification Team.


Research Request:


A researcher at UCLA is conducting a survey on asexuality and sexual attraction.


World Watch:


Elite Daily has published an article on demisexuality.


Asexuality is briefly referenced in a video on coming out by YouTuber TheraminTrees.


'Asexual' is included in the glossary of the revised Ontario elementary school health curriculum.


Youth Ki Awaaz examines what it's like to discover your asexuality in your thirties.


The Times of India reports on dating as an asexual.




Australian meetup - Newcastle (31st August)


Canadian meetups - Toronto (discussion group, 31st August); Calgary Pride (1st September)


UK meetups - Aberdeen (30th August); Manchester, Reading Pride (31st August)


The full schedule for 2019 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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