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AVEN Digest - 5th August 2019

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AVEN Digest - 5th August 2019


Site News:


Find out all the awesome things our Project Team have been up to in the latest update to the bulletin thread.


Voting has begun in the current moderator election.


Research Requests:


The University of Sunderland is putting together a focus group to look at societal attitudes towards asexuality.


A researcher at the University of Florence is conducting a survey on personality and sexual behaviour.


World Watch:


Book Two of P.D. Scott's Ace of Hearts crime fiction series, with an asexual protagonist, is being published this week.


YouTuber Jessica Kellgren-Fozard's video on what not to say to an LGBTQ+ person mentions asexuality.




Belgian meetup - Antwerp Pride (10th August)


Canadian meetups - Calgary (8th August); Vancouver (10th August)


Czech meetup - Prague Pride (8th-10th August)


UK meetups - Eastbourne, Liverpool (11th August)


International AVEN Meet - Utrecht, Netherlands (4th-10th August)


The full schedule for 2019 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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