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Gaystarnews - "Lena Waithe talks Pride, makes crucial point on including asexual, intersex"

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14 June 2019



Lesbian writer Lena Waithe has opened up on the importance of Pride month.

Waithe made headlines in 2017 when she became the first black woman to win an Emmy for Comedy Writing.

Lena Waithe for Stonewall

This year, she has also partnered with New York LGBT Center to be a part of the Stonewall riots anniversary social media campaign.


Last week, she posted two videos for the campaign.

‘5 nights of riots, 5 decades of P R I D E. The fight ain’t fun but it’s very necessary,’ she wrote in the caption.

‘To me, Pride month is almost like Black History Month,’ she said in an interview with Refinery29.

‘I don’t necessarily need a month to celebrate these things that make me who I am, but I am grateful that it brings awareness to the world at large about queer people.’

Lena Waithe on what inclusivity means for the community

Waithe then made an important point about inclusivity at Pride.

‘A big thing for me, is making sure we’re embracing everyone in the queer community,’ she added.

‘I think it’s easy to say Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi but there is also the intersex community, the asexual community, the non-binary community that I feel is often forgotten about or is gender queer as well, so to me, when people are embracing the queer community, I want them to make sure they are embracing everyone.’


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