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AVEN Digest - 13th May 2019

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AVEN Digest - 13th May 2019


Site News:


AVEN is looking for a new moderator - nominations are currently being accepted.


iff has been a moderator for two years and so will soon face a vote of confidence. The Q&A period for this has now begun.


Research Request:


A researcher at Northern Illinois University is conducting a study on wellness, social support and microagressions in relation to asexuality.




Asexual Association Denmark has been invited to a brainstorming session for the Human Rights Conference being held as part of WorldPride 2021 in Copenhagen.


World Watch:


Your Tango has reposted an Unwritten article answering questions about asexuality.


YouTube channel Share My Story has posted a video about asexuality.


News.com.au asks what it means to be demisexual.




Canadian meetup - Vancouver (workshop on BDSM and kink, 18th May)


UK meetups - London book club, Norwich (18th May)


US meetup - Ogden, Utah (19th May)


The full schedule for 2019 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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