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Research Request: Asexuality and Sexual Identity

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Hi all, 


We received the following from Emily from Cambridge University:



Hello! My name is Emily (she/her) and I’m an MPhil candidate in Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge, recruiting interview participants for my research on asexuality and sexual identity. See further description below, and send me an email if you think you might be interested in chatting to me! 


I am interested in talking to self-defined asexual people about their experiences of coming to an asexual identity, and how useful the language we have for talking about sexuality, in both mainstream society and LGBTQ+ communities, is for asexual people. Sexual attraction is not the essential building block of human nature as is still often widely assumed. The asexual community itself is diverse, and prompts a radical rethinking of concepts of sexuality and intimacy. 

The aim of the study is contribute to new frameworks for understanding human sexuality that will focus on other things besides the gender(s) one is or is not attracted to. I am interested in finding out more about the perspectives of self-identified asexual people, in respect of the fact that many asexual people and communities are already engaging deeply with these questions.

Interviews will last between 1 and 2 hours, and can be conducted over Skype with video or with audio only (further adjustments over timings and the format of the interview can of course be discussed). Participants must be over 18 and be able to communicate in English but do not have to be from the UK—in fact I am trying to gain insight from as broad a range of perspectives as possible! You can email me with any questions you may have without having to commit! eep32@cam.ac.uk

This study has been approved by the Research Approval Board. 

The researcher also has an AVEN account @ebpb

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Isabella L

Hi Emily, will you be sharing the results of the research any time soon?

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