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Research Request: Sexuality and Wellness

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Hi all, 


We received the following from Jared from the Michigan School of Psychology:



Survey on Sexuality and Wellness


Be part of an important sexuality research study.


Are you 18 or older?


Are willing to take a 15-minute survey about your social experiences and sexual experiences (or lack thereof)? 


If you answered YES to these questions, please take this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JQ836YW


The purpose of this study is to renew professional interest in a subgroup of individuals who experience unique difficulties in navigating societal pressure to engage in sexual activity. Benefits include gaining a better understanding of yourself and your experiences or satisfy your curiosity about this study.  Indirect benefits may include helping therapists better understand the unique concerns of individuals who are asexual compared to individuals who engage in partnered sexual behavior


This study is conducted by the Michigan School of Psychology, 26811 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Content warning: sexual activity


Please note that one question in this study currently refers to sex rather than gender. There is the option 'prefer not to answer' for this question. 



This study has been approved by the Research Approval Board. 

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theres no option to check if you havent talked to anyone about your asexuality in the past year. 0 of the discrimination questions applied to me because ive only talked about it with a few trusted friends

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I kind of get that this survey is preliminary work... but at the moment it is kind of confusing... too locked?


In particular:


"If yes, was your most recent sexual experience based on your sexual attraction to your partner(s)"


I don't know!

What does sexual attraction feel like?

I mean, I liked her, and kind of wanted to squish her in a hug , but like... is that what sexual attraction is?

How am I meant to measure if the warm squishy feelings I felt were "sexual attraction", if all I know is that they were attraction, and it ended in sexy times, but also the other person giving me a confused look and saying "You are a puzzle."


Its feels like asking a person who may or may not be colour blind "Was the colour green?"





At the end where is asks your sexual orientation.... I really wish there was a slider bar or something. Not just "Gay" "straight" "ace". Cause... I'm probably somewhere in the vicinity of Ace? Maybe? I think?????

Makes it hard to answer, because any answer feels like it missing out on the other half.



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