Article on brides.com - What Is Asexuality?

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An asexual person, definitionally, is a person who does not experience sexual attraction to others. But asexuality (or “ace” for short) is a sexual orientation often left by the wayside when trying to understand human sexuality.


While we are all inherently sexual beings (meaning it is within human nature to have sexuality), not every person has sexual attraction; they do not experience a desire for sex with other people and, in some cases, attraction toward other people in any way.


It's complicated, and while it deserves the same amount of conversation and public awareness as any other sexuality, it is difficult to explain sexuality in black-and-white terms because everyone experiences things differently. While we cannot pinpoint every asexual person’s identity to a T, we have attempted to make the larger aspects of the sexuality digestible in an effort to inform. (If any information is missing, we apologize.)


Jan 22, 2019 - https://www.brides.com/story/what-is-asexuality

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