Been with my Asexual partner for 18 years since high school.

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On 1/3/2019 at 5:30 AM, anisotropic said:

I didn't think I could either! It was unintended (and an unreciprocating/unacceptable situation) but...


I wonder if there's something about my primary relationship being a long one. This emotional rollercoaster stuff feels like it refers to a new relationship, in its early years. (It was also what frustrated my partner, having my mood so affected by someone else.) ... I hadn't had this thought before! That maybe this manifested only now because the main relationship isn't in that early phase anymore.



For me, it doesnt matter the length of the relationship. I keep intense romantic feels, still wanna cuddle and talk a lot and all. And any romantic connection to someone else comes only at the cost of the romantic connection to my partner. I can truly only have one at a time. No one else registers that way. Even people I later end up dating after my relationship ends are nothing romantically until im done with the first connection. 

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