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Old episode of Daria

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My Night at Daria's was broadcast all the way back in 2001.  I doubt that the writers had asexuality in mind when they wrote it, but I think that it's a nice affirmation of relationships without sex.  Daria says that she wants to have sex with Tom to take their relationship to the next level, but she doesn't really want to.  After standing Tom up, she writes him a letter saying that she expects this to mean the end of their relationship, but Tom is happy to stay as her boyfriend without the sex (even though he had seemed more enthusiastic having sex than Daria was).


I looked back through the archive to see if this had ever been mentioned before.  This post questioned whether Daria is asexual, but no one answered the question (perhaps because the programme was on too long ago in time for anyone to remember).  She was definitely not aromantic, but it seems plausible that she was asexual.


Category: Fiction
Source:  My personal opinion from having watched the episode a few times
Title: My Night at Daria's
Date: 18th June 2001

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