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Research Participation Request: Experiences of Asexual College Students

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Hi all, 


We've received a request from Cara from Roanoke College:




I am a senior Sociology major at Roanoke College and I am working on my seminar project. I would like to look into discrimination or prejudice experienced by asexual students on college and university campuses in the United States as well as their adjustment to college. In order to collect this information, I plan to conduct interviews with members of the asexual community. The interviews would take place over Skype or a similar platform (FaceTime or Google Duo) and would last for less than an hour.

I am looking for people of any gender so long as they identify somewhere on the asexual spectrum. Participants should be of typical college age (18-24) and be attending or recently attended a college or university in the United States. I would be most appreciative of any person who decided to donate their time to my research.

If you are interested in participating, and/or have any questions please feel free to contact me through my school email address:

This study has been approved by the Research Approval Board. 

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