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New Article Explores Asexuality and Intimacy!

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There is a new qualitative sociological research article that explores the relationship between asexual self-identification and intimacy negotiation in romantic relationships. To provide an idea of what this looks like, here is a passage from the article:

"In Nadine’s case, thinking of oneself as someone who deviates from the dominant cultural script opens up the possibility for other ways of relating. These become the ‘experiments in living’ spoken of for other non-normative relationships (Weeks et al. 2001). Furthermore, claiming asexuality as an identity enables Nadine to reframe her existing intellectual interest in sadism in a more conventional fetish script. It is also significant that – as noted in research concerning those in a relationship with someone who comes out as trans (Sanger 2010) – coming to think of oneself as having a particular sexual identity can lead to one’s partner reconsidering their own desires. In this case, Nadine’s identification as asexual and a ‘sadist’ led her husband into considering both his own attitudes towards bondage as well as polyamorous relationships for the first time."

Matt Dawson, Susie Scott, and Liz McDonnell. “Freedom and Foreclosure: Intimate Consequences for Asexual Identities.” Families, Relationships, and Societies 0, no. 0 (2018).

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