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Join Me! #APAM (Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month) 31 Day YouTube Live Challenge!

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Sandra B

Hi everyone, some you may have noticed last year that I founded #APAM, (Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month  - Whole of JULY), to coincide with the printed version of my Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories, Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Asexual Diversity book, being published, which many of you took part in being interviewed for, so thank you for that. Much like the book, Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month, is to celebrate our diversity across the asexual spectrum and our differences within it. (Please use #APAM in your tweets if you want to join in)


Last year I challenged myself to publish a new video on my channel every single day for 31 days, mostly using sections of the book as a talking point for different ace issues and different people's experiences, so we can learn from them. And to show how diverse our perspectives are, towards, love life and sex, and that we are all valid! But this year I thought why not go one stage further and do a YouTube live video every day for 31 days! And so today is day 12, of that 31 day challenge, and I would love you to join me on my channel, to have your support. I think you will find the topics very relevant, informative, and relatable in some ways. This year is a mixture of readings from the book, with other things, such as reflections from the UK Asexuality Conference that I was a speaker at, and the different perspectives to do with that.


If you would like to subscribe and show your support, it would be ace to have you, and if you hit the bell icon, you should be notified of every time I go live and post a new video. I love to read your comments, so please comment as much as you like. I read and reply to every non-spam comment.


If you missed previous #APAM videos, you can catch up with them all (this year and last year) on this playlist here:



If you are interested in knowing more about the book, it is on Amazon here and also free to read in 6 libraries across the UK (which I will post about some time as to which specific libraries it is in), it can also be ordered from all good book shops around the globe. Here is my blog site with some reviews on it, so you can see what others think. 


When I was at the UK Asexuality conference, one of the highlights of the day for me, was when someone came with copy of my book for me to sign, and showed me all of the paragraphs from a range of stories, that she has marked and yellow highlighted, that have helped her in her newly found discovery of Asexuality (just two months ago). She told me she watches every single video on my channel and had her (sexual) husband with her, who came to the conference to support her, and learn more about asexuality himself. It was a pleasure to speak to them both. I started to explain that I had been in heterosexual relationships in the past anyhow, before I knew I am asexual, and they said, "Yeah, we know, we read it in your book" and I am like "yeah, I forget how much I wrote about me in there". (I am one of the 47 stories.) I wish there were more guys like him in the world, I take my hat of to him, for having the courage and strength and adultness to be such a loving and thoughtful husband in that way, it must have been strange for him to have more new information come his way. The more we talk about asexuality openly, the more we can spread the word and get it recognised as a sexual orientation across the globe so that no asexual has to live in fear or ridicule ever again. This is my huge mission, to help achieve this in my life on a global scale. So any support you can give me on my channel and to spread the word about it, would really very much help with that cause. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for becoming part of my community on my channel.


I hope to read you there soon,

Sandra xx (Aka Asexualise)

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