Discord servers are the next big thing for online aromantic/asexual spectrum communities. While central forums like AVEN and Reddit and the Tumblr blog network provide an important base, newer social media applications represent an exciting growth area. A useful analogy is to say that forums are like Facebook in 2018; still necessary, but the real action has moved elsewhere. Discord servers in particular are really starting to take off. I'm seeing more AVEN threads inquiring about Discords, and I'm witnessing tremendous growth among Discords.

To use an example I'm familiar with, Chill Asexual Discord https://discord.gg/6wgBr5n required only minimal advertising to expand to about 800 members in under a year, a figure that is all the more impressive given regular prunes of inactive/unverified accounts. Such rapid growth is attributable to the fact that Discords are really fun, offering voice chat and facilitating contemporary Internet culture (memes, video games, anime/manga/Pokemon). Now a variety of Discord servers offer different community cultures and styles of moderation. I've listed a representative cross section below. So pick one that's right for you, and get yourself on a Discord!

Advantages of Discords:
1. Promote socializing and entertainment instead of more argumentative forum exchanges.
2. Platform is designed for gamification.
3. Dedicated rooms for sharing memes and for discussing video games, anime, manga, and Pokemon (pretty much obligatory for servers to offer these).
4. Opt in/Opt out rooms for more sensitive subject matter.
5. Voice chat.

Aro/Ace Spectrum Discords:
Fuck Yeah Asexual: ~2000 members, affiliated with the Fuck Yeah Asexual Tumblr blog, expansive ruleset designed to provide an 'intersectional safe space'.
The Asexuality and Aromantic Spectrum Discord: ~1500 members, affiliated with Reddit's /r/asexuality subforum, hosts 'Acetastic Anime Nights'.
Chill Asexual Discord: ~800 members, intended as neither a safe space nor an unsafe space, instead seeks to cultivate an environment that is open and chill.
Demisexuality: ~300 members, designed to provide representation for demisexuality and demiromanticism.
Arocalypse: ~250 members, affiliated with Arocalypse's aromantic forum, features an extensive list of triggers warnings intended to provide for a safe space.
Ace Umbrella Furries: ~50 members, devoted to furry fandom culture.
/acegen/ – Asexuality General: ~25 members, affiliated with 4chan's /lgbt/ board's asexuality general threads, features 4chan counterculture.