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Hey guys, I introduced myself on saturday on AVEN, I already knew something about asexuality but finally I accepted it, this is who I am.

Still don't know exactly how to identify myself, I think this is something I only will discover with time.

What I would like to share is about how I felt after I made my post and accepted this part of me, it really felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I was always so insecure about relationships because I didn't know how approach the issue, I thought no one would be patient with me and would give me the time I need to discover how I felt about sex.

But since I joined AVEN I feel more confident, now I think if someone can't be understanding and accept me for who I am, than I shouldn't be with this person, it's not wrong that I need time to be more comfortable with them and with myself.

I hope I can keep learning to respect my limits and don't be afraid of what the others might think.

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