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Paul V.

Am i asexual ?

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Paul V.

Im a 27 years old virgin man and now, more than ever, I'm questioning this.
I always masturbated and had an interest in girls. But somehow I have always been afraid of having sex. Obviously I must be taken into consideration situations I had in the 2 opportunities I had to lose virginity. I've already wondered about homosexuality but I really do not feel attraction, erection, or the urge to have sex with a man.
I was living my life dodging some encounters that could result in sex, but I've always been curious to know what it's like. But I always get anxious when the opportunity comes.
Recently a friend that I always felt some kind of attraction declared to me. At the time we kissed and I was very happy, but when she called me to spend the night with her I freaked out. An irrational fear that made me tremble, my heart accelerate and a desire to throw up.
Now I've been here all alone. I want to send her a message but I do not have the guts. I have not talked to her for more than 2 weeks, but I only think about her. It's the last thing I remember thinking before bed and the first I think when I wake up.
How fucked up am I?

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@Paul V. Welcome to AVEN!


You might be Asexual.

Asexuals can masturbate, since behaviour is not attraction, and Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction.

Your interest in girls could also come from another type of attraction: There are four; Sexual, Romantic, Aesthetic and Sensual.

In any case, it seems like you are sex-repulsed, rather than sex-neutral or sex-positive.

And it might be a good idea to explain your feelings to this girl, or she might feel hurt and think that you don't find her attractive in any way.



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