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How to respond to, "How do you know you're asexual?"

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well i can only speak about myself but it kinda went like this. 


i was sexually active from a young age but i more would seek it out because i was told by a lot of media that sex was the greatest and best thing ever. i have autism so sensory issues were always a huge issue for me, combine that with some really nasty sexual experiences that left me questioning why i even wanted sex, experiences where i felt like i was being used by partners and rarely enjoyed it. i realized i was asexual. weirdly i get the "well how do you know" question all the time. 

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Topless people do nothing for me. Also, bottomless people.

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On 5/11/2018 at 6:38 AM, FaerieFate said:

Man, this question has been a doozy for me for a while now. Ask me questions about asexuality all day, I've done an extensive amount of research on it for my work on AVEN, but the question of, "How do you know you're asexual?" or "What does asexuality mean to you?" has been an impossible question. It starts off with the fact that the asexual community can't really decide on a definition, and ends in the fact that even if you just choose one you still can't get whomever you're talking to to understand what on earth you're talking about.


So, as you can guess, I have finally found an answer to this question. Note, this will not negate your need to pull out your asexual bingo cards. You'll still hear all of the typical responses. However, if the person is willing to be understanding or is actually trying to understand, it will help them understand to the best of their ability (I mean you can't make someone else understand what it's like to be asexual any more than you can make a seeing person understand what it's like to be blind).


Note: This is only for asexuality specifically, not the rest of the asexual umbrella or aromanticism. I don't feel qualified to write that as I haven't experienced it myself, and a lot of this thread has to do with relating my experiences with that of a sexual person



  1. Practice having the "The Ace Talk"
  2. Remove common misconceptions.
  3. Ask them how they feel about someone they are sexually attracted to.
  4. Explain how you feel the same.  Rachat de crédit avec trésorerie
  5. Explain how you feel different.
  6. Ask them about how they would feel about someone that they aren't sexually attracted to.
  7. Assure them that you can't change your sexuality any more than they can change theirs.


If you have an comments, questions, suggestions, advice, or whatever for this thread, you may PM @FaerieFate or create a thread in SC tagging me. I'll be more than happy to help out and/or add to this thread if necessary.

Hello everyone, did you get the answer you want? However, I have a question to ask you if it is possible. it's about asexuality Thank you for your return

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