Pondhoppers Podcast - Starring an Asexual Character!

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Hey all!


I wanted to let you all know about my new project, a scripted, comedy podcast series called Pondhoppers. One of the main characters is asexual (a fact made explicit in the second episode) and the other is bisexual. It's a British absurdist comedy with talking hamsters, shapeshifters, inappropriate satsumas and creepy hitchhikers. In fact, one of the plots later in the season does involve an asexual dating show, a complete send-up of shows like Baggage et al.


So, if you're interested in comedy (or are a fan of Mighty Boosh or The Young Ones) I'd love to find some listeners!




Anchor also includes a link to listen to it on iTunes.








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I just listened to the 1st episode. That's awesome!

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