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Sad Gray Ace

Sexual Husband wants more

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14 hours ago, Sad Gray Ace said:

I agree. But he is holding on so tight to what could be. Compromise is proving difficult. He thinks he can shut down that part of him. I don't know how when it is all consuming a lot of the time. Really stressing me out.

This is so difficult.   Its almost impossible to sit down and have a "rational" discussion. There is just so much societal, and emotional baggage wrapped around this issue. 


The intertwining of love and sex, and the variation in that between people makes discussion almost impossible. 


Should someone leave their spouse and children "just because of sex"?  Can a marriage vow be turned into a "vow of celibacy"?  


All I know is that mismatched marriages often result in lifelong misery for both parties. If somehow people can get past blame / fault and just understand that is is an "incompatibility", that may help. 

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