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New Lori Brotto Book on Mindfulness Practice for Sexual Dysfunctions!

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So it has finally come to this, the latest application of the mindfulness trend arrives curtesy of noted asexuality researcher Lori Brotto, who has penned a new pop psychology book Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire recommending mindfulness practice to treat female sexual dysfunctions. While not regarding asexuality directly, it is notable because Brotto's two research specialities are asexuality and clinical treatment of sexual dysfunctions (emphasizing responsive desire and mindfulness). Brotto and colleagues have found that asexuals might display regular desire/arousal patterns despite lacking sexual attraction, whereas sexuals with HSDD experience sexual attraction despite lacking desire/arousal, thus providing empirical validation of the sexual attraction orientation model. Also, the forward is by Emily Nagoski, with whom I've personally corresponded regarding the sexual attraction/desire/arousal distinctions within the context of asexuality.

For a news report and the book:

For Lori Brotto and Morag Yule's 2011 study "Physiological and Subjective Sexual Arousal in Self-Identified Asexual Women":

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