New Research Explores Asexuality within an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Community!

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Hot off the press for April 2018, there's a new journal article regarding the experiences of asexuals within an adult baby/diaper lover community. To think that if it wasn't for my amateur interest in asexuality studies, I might never have know that such a community existed. Here's the abstract:

"This internet-based study provided exploratory analyses on 99 asexual and 1919 non-asexual members of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) community. This study involved the secondary analysis of an existing dataset. Based on prior research, the purpose was to explore the degree to which asexual individuals in the ABDL community show evidence of autochorissexualism (identity-less sexuality) and investigate if asexual individuals use ABDL practices as a forum for negotiating their asexuality in a romantic relationship. Differences based on sexuality status were also examined. Minimal evidence was found for the first two research questions. Most asexual participants did not report sexual activity in their ABDL practices and those who did reported solo sexual behaviour. Compared to non-asexual participants, asexual participants reported wearing diapers more frequently and also reported greater enjoyment of role-play behaviours in their ABDL practices. Asexual participants in a romantic relationship reported a greater frequency of their partner being involved in their ABDL than non-asexual participants. It is possible that males who identify as asexual are more likely than asexual females to be involved in atypical behaviours or a subculture, such as ABDL."

Zamboni, Brian D., and Gracie Madero. “Exploring Asexuality within an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Community.” Psychology & Sexuality (Published Online, 5 April 2018).

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