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Research Participation Request: Feelings of Asexual People

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This request is from Ruth Eyles at the University of Amsterdam:


My research is for my master’s thesis. I am looking into the ways in which asexual people come to feel they don’t match society’s ideals for sexual and romantic relationships, and then how they manage the mismatch in expectation and personal desire. I intend to investigate this primarily through interviews, as I want in depth information of people’s feelings and actions. I also want to be able to tailor the questions to each person, as I do not intend to restrict what ‘kind’ of asexual I talk to (e.g. demi-sexual, aromantic, sex-repulsed etc.) or the life stage that people are in, so I am hoping for a fairly diverse set of experiences that may not be covered by everyone answering the same formulation of questions as in a survey.

I have also noticed that previous (published) research is light on interviews. Most empirical studies rely on surveys, and while that is a useful method, I intend to get a different kind of data. Therefore, I believe my research will fill a gap and interviews are required to do so.


To take part please contact ruth.eyles@student.uva.nl


Participants must be 18 or older. 




This research request has been approved by the Research Approval Board for advertising on AVEN.



Dedicated Research Contact 

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