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Update to the Sexually Explicit Material Clause of the TOS

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So you may notice there is an update to the Sexually Explicit Material clause in the TOS, and have a few question. Why is it there? Who is it protecting? How do I make sure that I don't break these new rules? After all, you can't talk about asexuality without talking about sex! Talking about sex must be allowed? So I am here to answer all of your questions and hopefully more on this clause.


Why the update?

Long story short, AVEN was having an issue with sexual harassment and sexting with minors that made it apparent that the TOS must be clarified. First of all, we needed to make it clear that you must receive consent before trying to sext a member, and second of all, you must ensure the age of the member is over 18 before sexting a member (exceptions for if all members involved are under 18 and no sexually explicit photos are shared). The reason we use the age of 18 despite the fact that age laws varies everywhere is because AVEN is set in America, and therefore has to abide by American laws. Second of all, we had to clarify what sexting was because asexuals can see sensual, romantic, and sexual advances differently. This is to ensure that the least amount of members feel sexually harassed or unsafe, and that there is a clear line of which you should not cross. To be apparent, these rules do not change any of our guidelines, only clarify for members what is appropriate sexual content, and what isn't appropriate sexual content.


What is okay to do?

This is a list of things that you are allowed to talk about. Just be sure to post it in the Sex Talk board. If for whatever reason the post is outside of Sex Talk, be sure to use appropriate warnings and spoilers if necessary. If you do not use appropriate warnings, admods will message a user asking them to edit their post to add them, or admods will do it themselves.

  • Talk about the awesome sex you had last night.
  • Talk about kinks and fetishes.
  • Talk about how you like it with your significant other (with permission from your significant other).
  • Ask questions about a specific sex act that you are curious about.
  • Talk about sex in general.

What's not okay to do?

This is a list of things that are not okay to do under any circumstances. This will result in at least a warning, and if necessary may result in notifying appropriate authorities.

  • Begin a sexual roleplay without clearly asking for permission and receiving a clear, "Yes." as an answer.
  • Touch a user's breast, bottom, or pubic areas without clearly receiving confirmation that the user is at least 18 first.
  • Make lewd comments without clear permission from the other member.
  • Talk about sexually explicit things in a thread that is not sex-related or without asking permission from those in chat or in PM with you.
  • Continuing on a sexual conversation when  users clearly ask for you to stop while in chat or PM.
  • Talk about sex with your partner when your partner wishes for the information to not be shared.
  • Talk about committing crimes via sex acts (rape and marital rape)
  • Random sexual comments such as "You're post gives me a boner" unless it's clearly understood by everyone involved that it's a joke. (You'll get more leeway with this in boards like JFF).

So what's the difference?

There are two big differences here. First, most of the things that are okay to do aren't directly aimed at a specific member, but are general discussions about sex. Second, the ones on the bottom largely rely on consent. You ask a member if they are comfortable sexting with you, ensure they are of age, and if members don't want to talk about sex you don't force them to continue to listen to your sexual discussion. Forcing members to listen to sexual conversations when they are unwilling or projecting sexual actions towards them makes them feel uncomfortable harassed, and unsafe. While AVEN is okay with any sexual conversations members should ensure it's the right place to have these conversations and/or members are willing to have these conversations. Also, as stated earlier, AVEN must abide by American laws, and therefore must clearly reject sexual advances towards members under the age of 18.

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