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The purpose of this thread is to list all of the appearances of asexuality in 2017. At the end of the year, this will be added to the World Watch archives. 


If you are looking for an asexual related story from 2017, please check the list below before posting. To see other years and their archives, visit the World Watch archive forums


The index is organized in chronological order, with newer articles appearing at the top. This thread will remain locked so that it can be used for references only. If you see any errors, please message any admod. Enjoy! 

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Medium - I’m a 30-year-old Virgin. Go on, Guess Why. - 26-Jun-2018

stuff - There is more to asexuality than its definition implies - 26-Jun-2018

The Outline - The Tumblr bloggers building a canon of asexual history - 25-Jun-2018

Bustle - 3 YA Writers Share Why They Wrote Books With Asexual Protagonists - 21-Jun-2018

The New York Times - (Mis)communicating Sex: Leave Us a Voice Mail With Your Story - 21-Jun-2018

College Humor - 10 Things You Can Say That Will Instantly Annoy LGBTQ+ People - 20-Jun-2018

Insider - This is what being asexual is actually like - 19-Jun-2018

Beehive - Here's What Asexuality Really Means - 19-Jun-2018

Wales Online - What it's like to be asexual: the man who has no interest in sex and isn't attracted to others - 17-Jun-2018

Autostraddle - 8 Books with Bi or Homoromantic Asexual Women Characters - 15-Jun-2018

E318 - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, asexual relationships are possible - 14-Jun-2018

PrideSource - Marriage at Ferndale Pride Boosts Visibility of Asexual Community - 13-Jun-2018

Refinery29 - How Do You Know If You're Asexual? - 13-Jun-2018

BuzzFeed - Who Are LGBTQ Americans? Here’s A Major Poll On Life, Sex, and Politics - 13-Jun-2018

Bustle - 9 Pride Flags Whose Symbolism Everyone Should Know - 5-Jun-2018
Nerds and Beyond - Pride Month Character Spotlight: Todd Chavez - 5-Jun-2018

The Panoptic - A is Not for Ally: Spare a Thought for Invisible Identities this Pride Month - 2-Jun-2018

Pride - Asexuals Shouldn't Be Excluded From Queer Spaces, Especially Pride - 1-Jun-2018


TenEighty - Channel Spotlight: Embly99 - 31-May-2018

BBC - The sadness of living without sex - 17-May-2018

Independent - What is hyposexuality and how is it different to asexuality - 17-May-2018

The Conversation - What asexuality can teach us about sexual relationships and boundaries - 9-May-2018

iNews - I’m asexual, and this is how I show love to my partner - 1-May-2018


Refinery29 - The Art Of Not Having Sex: 5 Women On Why They Are Celibate - 29-Apr-2018

The Gateway - Asexual student shares story of identity - 25-Apr-2018

The Star Vancouver - Better sex is (almost) all in your head, UBC prof’s new book says - 24-Apr-2018


inUth - I Went To An LGBT+ Event And I Finally Understand What Asexuality Is All About - 18-Apr-2018

Odessey - The Rise Of The Walking, Talking Amoebas—And Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid - 11-Apr-2018

Times-Call - Asexual people in Boulder County fight against notion of what makes a person whole - 7-Apr-2018


Hornet - A Comprehensive Yet Sadly Short Guide to Asexual Characters on TV - 28-Mar-2018

Vox - Asexuality is still hugely misunderstood. TV is slowly changing that. - 26-Mar-2018

Chicago Reader - Asexuality—it's a real thing - 21-Mar-2018

Cosmopolitan - I'm an asexual woman, and this is what it's like to not feel sexual attraction - 8-Mar-2018

Digital Spy - Emmerdale star Isobel Steele opens up over Liv Flaherty's asexuality - 6-Mar-2018


Yahoo - 無性戀的她:不接吻、不做愛,只渴望精神戀愛 - 23-Feb-2018

The Guardian - Corporations shouldn't get to decide who is and isn't queer - 17-Feb-2018

The Daily News - Loud and Clear: Being aromantic is not a phase, it is who I am - 15-Feb-2018

Digital Spy - Emmerdale praised by fans over Liv Flaherty asexuality storyline after she kisses Gabby Thomas - 15-Feb-2018

Women's Health - Could You Be Asexual? Here's How To Know - 14-Feb-2018


them - I'm Aromantic and Asexual — And I Love Valentine's Day - 14-Feb-2018

Vice - Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Asexual Person - 13-Feb-2018

Digital Spy - Emmerdale is revisiting Liv Flaherty's asexuality storyline as she comes out to Gabby Thomas - 8-Feb-2018

The Daily Dot - Asexuality is real—and it has nothing to do with celibacy - 6-Feb-2018

The Peak - SFU becomes first university to offer asexuality studies - 6-Feb-2018

Bustle - Asexual People Can Have Sex Lives — & Here's What They're Like - 2-Feb-2018

TenEighty UK - LGBTQ+ Advocates Making YouTube a More Accepting Place - 1-Feb-2018


The Red & Black - OPINION: "Riverdale" television show is harmful for asexual viewers - 29-Jan-2018

The Guardian - Love your child unconditionally - 28-Jan-2018

The Bates Student - Cessing out Insularity: Poker and Asexuality - 24-Jan-2018

stuff - Dear Mrs Salisbury: I've finally worked out I'm asexual - 24-Jan-2018

The Seattle Times - Women’s marches 2.0: Doing the heavy lifting for real change - 19-Jan-2018

ABC - Asexuals struggle to come out in this sexed-up world - 17-Jan-2018

The Link - Sex Ed(itorial): Unpacking Asexuality - 17-Jan-2018

Scad Connector - Attraction not action — what it’s like being asexual - 15-Jan-2018

CNN - There's never been a better time to be single - 5-Jan-2018



Laggers from 2017:





The Stranger - "Thorsty" Asexuals Who Sometimes Love Sex and Wanna Be Wanted - 30-May-2018

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BBC - John Darvall - 25-May-2018






University of Glasglow - ‘”Asexual” isn’t who I am’: the politics of asexuality - 23-Feb-2018

Springer Link - The Co-Occurrence of Asexuality and Self-Reported Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis and Sexual Trauma Within the Past 12 Months Among U.S. College Students - 20-Feb-2018


Research Gate - Patterns of Asexuality in China: Sexual Activity, Sexual and Romantic Attraction, and Sexual Desire - 30-Jan-2018


Taylor and Franchise Online - Exploring asexuality within an adult baby/diaper lover community - 9-Nov-2017

White Rose - Implicit and explicit attitudes toward sex and romance in asexuals - 3-Apr-2017

Research Gate - Asexual Identity in a New Zealand National Sample: Demographics, Well-Being, and Health - 1-Mar-2017

Research Gate - Asexuality : A possible background and how it relates to autism and neurodiversity - 1-May-2017

Archives of Sexual Behavior - Sociodemographic Correlates of Sexlessness Among American Adults and Associations with Self-Reported Happiness Levels: Evidence from the U.S. General Social Survey. - 2017

Archives of Sexual Behavior - Sexual Fantasy and Masturbation among Asexual Individuals: An In-Depth Exploration. - 2017


University of British Columbia - Asexuality: An Extreme Variant of Sexual Desire Disorder? - 2015

University of British Columbia - A Validated Measure of No Sexual Attraction: The Asexuality Identification Scale - 2015


The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality - Sexual Fantasy and Masturbation among Asexual Individuals. - 2014


SPringer Science + Busieness Media - Physiological and Subjective Sexual Arousal in Self-Identified Asexual Women - 27-Oct-2009




Lori A Brotto - Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire - 24-Apr-2018




ladyxdarcy - A Study in Asexuality - 23-Mar-2018

Claire Kann - Let's Talk About Love - 23-Jan-2018

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