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ToS Update - Donation, Advertisement and Solicitation Clause

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The Donation clause in the ToS under section 2.H: was updated to include advertisements and money solicitations.

Please review the changes:



h. Donation requests, advertisements, and other money solicitations
Members must not send unsolicited donation requests or item advertisements (books, shirts, etc.) using the personal messaging system, chat, or on the boards. Solicitation for direct donations, other fundraising, or the selling of items/services is not allowed on AVEN, with an exception for asexuality Vis/Ed projects that have been reviewed and granted permission for posting by the Admods/PT. This permission should not be taken as endorsement; members should still exercise necessary precautions, and avoid contributing to requests if they feel it is not safe or legitimate. Any requests that have not been granted permission for posting may be taken down in order to protect AVEN members.

Thank you.

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