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UK aces - interest in coparenting documentary?

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Hi all,

This goes out to aces living in the UK who are interested in coparenting. A documentary film is being made by Finestripe Productions for BBC2. You can see some of their previous work here.



They define coparenting as having children within a committed relationship that isn't romantic or sexual. It doesn't have to involve aces of course, but so the theory goes, it could be of interest to aces who don't want to conceive in the traditional way, but through other means such as artificial insemination.


Finestripe would like to hear from anyone UK based who is interested in coparenting, with a view to taking part in the documentary. They are interested in hearing from people who are at any stage of the journey - whether at the moment just considering it as an idea, some years off, or people who have started the process, or who are already in coparenting relationships. They are also planning a meet for those interested in taking part in the doc, planned for 20 Jan, at a location to be determined.


As this request is extra sensitive in many ways, if you are interested can you please PM me at first or email aven.pt@gmail.com? I will then fill you in with more details of what I've been able to find out about the documentary, so you can make an informed decision as to whether to go any further. I will discuss it with you on skype, or some other medium if you prefer.


Based on what I've heard I do feel it will be a sensitive take on a potentially invasive subject, but I would like to stay in touch with anyone who decides to take this on, to ensure the documentary is appropriate respectful.


-michaeld (AVEN PT)


PS. Original thread here.

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