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Is it a crush... or not?

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Sorry, I'm just... confused.


Thing is, I'm pretty sure I don't like this person that much. I only like them for what we could talk about as friends... but being that I suffer from philophobia, it may just be me repressing my own thoughts for the sake of stopping a panic attack. 


I've never experienced a crush in my life - the thing that worries me about this particular person is that I sometimes don't like when they talk about their boyfriend (who was abusive to them)... yet I am fine with them mentioning the person they are currently dating for some reason... I don't like why, though. I'm not sure if I am just repressing these thoughts and I really do like them or if I just don't.


I know I don't:

  • Like them a lot
  • Feel a desire to form a relationship with them
  • Feel jealous/hurt that they are dating someone else


Hell, they have made it clear they want to be friends with me yet that makes me uncomfortable. I would rather they not follow me on social media, either. 


I'm sorry if this is annoying you, but I am just so worried about this! I have never felt a crush so I don't really know what it feels like... :/


If you guys could lend any advice, that'd be great! <3

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200 Ponies

Hi light-brush!


I'm not exactly an expert on crushes, but to me it sounds like you just want to be friends with them, nothing more. If you don't want a relationship with them and aren't jealous if they're dating someone else, it seems like normal friend territory to me. If you feel an inexplicable pull or attraction toward them (a kind of attraction that you don't feel for family or friends) then it's probably romantic attraction or queerplatonic attraction. If not, then I wouldn't worry about it too much!


Hope that helps some!

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