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AVEN Digest - 4th December 2017

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AVEN Digest - 4th December 2017


Site News:


Nominations are open for current vacancies on the Project Team, Declassification Team and moderation team.


Research Request:


A researcher is looking for examples of how the law discriminates against asexuals.




A game jam on an asexual theme will be running in January.


AVENite virtua has written a song about asexuality.


World Watch:


A manga artist is writing a new work on asexuality.


Gay Star News picked up on the additional definition of 'asexual' in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.




Canadian meetups - Vancouver (9th December); Richmond, Calgary (10th December)


Danish meetup - Copenhagen (9th December)


UK meetups - London (8th December); Cardiff, London (9th December)


US meetups - Cincinnati, Ohio (9th December); Ann Arbor, Michigan (10th December)


The full schedule for 2017/2018 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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