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Children And Asexual People

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1. I’m nowhere even close to being financial stable/independent atm so having a kid would be irresponsible.

2. I got baggage from parental divorce. I’d be super paranoid about potentially subjecting my own kid to that sort of event.

3. I have never had a partner so I couldn’t even have one unless I adopted.

4. Lets be honest; I’m sorta selfish and want as much free time to myself as possible. :P


I'm alright with kids most of the time, but I’d probably lose my mind if I had to look after one for an extended period of time.

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I'd rather stick a fork in my eye and cross my heart and hope to die.

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Difficult topic. Yes, babies and kids can be cute, and fun and adorable. I really don't mind babysitting friends' kids or entertaining kids at our waiting room at work when their parents see the doctor. At the end of the day they are back with their parents, I'm on my own again enjoying silence and free time - and everyone is happy. 


Do I want to have kids someday? Nope.


As much as everyone insists this is just a phase and I should give it some time and meet the right guy (to be fair, I didn't come out so far, so my family still has those weird future dream fantasy thingies of me dragging a man to Christmas Dinners, marry him and have kids), I can assure it's not just a mood. I know that I am not made to raise children. My mom also wasn't made for it, I was an 'accident' and there have been parts of my childhood that were plain horrible and lacking actions, emotions and logic coming from true motherly love or understanding. There were times that were nothing but battle between me and my mom's needs for privacy, control, financial stability and time for herself. Never would I want to repeat this.

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I've been around kids for most of my life, through summer jobs as a camp counselor, being a close godfather to 3 boys, and giving tours to groups of kids from local schools at the lab where I worked. Unfortunately, asexuality was unknown during the years when I might have had my own kids, and I lost two potential marriages to it. Had I been born later, I would have probably tried to find someone willing to adopt kid(s) in an asexual marrage. My time with kids now comes through mentorships and visits to my cute little grand-godson.

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