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Identities 2

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Branching off a little bit from my last post here, this is my personal non-official gender, sex, and sexuality scale & definitions.


  •  Sex:
    • Your born or physical sex determined by genitals or chromosomes, you've got your 2 options.
      • Male:
        • Has Male genitals, X/Y chromosomes, or has undergone (or is undergoing) sex change.
      • Female:
        • Has Female genitals, Y/Y chromosomes, or has undergone (or is undergoing) sex change.
      • Whatever idc:
        • Typically a rare circumstance where someone was born with/without, or became physically impaired via genitals or chromosomally (of the sex variety); and the person chooses not to identify as Male or Female because of their circumstances.
    • Trans-Sexual is a noun relating to the a person who has chosen to switch sex via sex-change, not an identity.
    • A person's sex is the main factor in regards to sexuality, for the purpose of finding someone with compatible organs.
  • Gender:
    • A 21 point scale from -10 to 10, from Male to Female (or separate gendered words to avoid confusion) regardless of Sex, in which a person can sit on a single point, between 2 points, combinations of the 2, or nothing at all.
    • Trans-Gender is a noun relating to a person who's gender does not match their Sex for whatever reason, not an identity.
  • [word for masculine and feminine]:
    • A 21 point scale from -10 to 10, from Masculine to Feminine in which a person can sit on a single point, between 2 points, combinations of the 2, or nothing at all.
  • Sexuality:
    • A 21 by 21, 2 axis scale ranging from (-10,-10) to (10,10) wherein the x axis is hetero to homo, and the y axis is asexual to sexual. A person can sit on a single point, the space between multiple points, a combination of the 2, or nothing at all.
    • Bi:
      • Someone who's sexuality crosses 0 on the x axis, leading to some attraction to both same and opposite gender.
    • Points on the Y axis between 0, and -5, are Romantic.
    • Points on the Y axis less than -5 still have some attraction based off Sexual Traits, but do not feel any romantic or sexual attraction. 
    • Having no points on the scale means that the person is 100% asexual and has no attraction what so ever.
    • Applies to a person's attraction to another's sex.
  • Sexual Traits:
    • A number of words to qualify sexuality, usually on a 21 point scale between -10 and 10 wherein a person can sit on a single point ,between 2 points, or none, such as:
      • Demi
        • Attraction to others based off of an emotional connection to a person.
        • A -10 would be a person that doesn't need any connection what so ever to form a relationship, or have sex.
        • A 10 would be a person that requires a very intense connection in order to form a relationship, or have sex.
      • Pan
        • Gender plays no role in attraction, usually applied to someone who is bi.
        • A -10 on this scale means a person only has attraction to a single point on the gender scale.
        • A 10 on this scale means that gender is irrelevant in one's ability to have attraction.
      • Sapio
        • Attraction relating to a person's perceived intelligence.
        • 0 being your own intelegence
        • -10 being practically un-intelligent, and considerably the least intelligent
        • 10 being people of the highest intelligence
      • ETC.







So for myself I would score:

  • Sex: Male
    • Born with male genitals, having X/Y chromosomes, and/or being a Female to Male Trans-Sexual.
  • Gender: (-10) - (-1)
    • Across the entire spectrum of maleness in terms of Gender.
  • [Masculine - Feminine term]: (-5) - (1)
    • Being mostly masculine, but not hyper-masculine, with a small tendency to take up more feminine roles.
  • Sexuality: (-4, 1) - (3,1) - (-8, -9) - (2, -5) (quadrilateral shape).
    • I have a tendency to be attracted to other people of the same gender, some attraction to opposite gender depending on circumstances, and I would be open to romantic relationships with either gender, with potential for sex.
    • In this I would be technically Bi as well, because I crossed 0 on the X axis.
  • Sexual Traits:
    • Demi
      • (8) - (10)
      • I need a high to intense emotional bond to feel any attraction to a person.
    • Pan
      • (5)
        • I have a preference for someone who's Gender matches their Sex, but generally, Gender does not affect my attraction.
    • Sapio
      • (-1) - (2)
        • I would prefer someone with about my own intelligence, with a little bit more lee-way on someone who is more intelligent than I am.
    • ETC.







Any thoughts on this scale? I would be interested to see other people's 'results' if you feel like it, hopefully this makes sense with the lack of visuals, feel free to plot points on like desmos or something if it helps.







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I'd just like to paste this in as an interesting read (imo) on sex chromosomes:



I really like your scale. It works quite well, particularly with the sexual traits section imo. I'm not sure everyone would agree that pan is a trait, though it is a good solution as most scales just tend to ignore pan because it's too hard to work in. You could do exactly the same scale for your romantic orientation, too.


I'm confused about your y-axis. You first say it's asexual to sexual, then you state that -5 to 0 is romantic. Shouldn't -10 to 0 be asexual, and 0 to 10 be sexual? Then you should have a completely different set of axes for romantic orientation. Then you say that -10 to 5 is asexual and aromantic, but has attraction due to 'sexual traits', therefore deeming them sexual in some way completely contradicting what you just stated. If you are demisexual, pansexual, or sapiosexual, then you are not asexual - they are mutually exclusive. You don't say anything further on what happens if you fall on the y-axis from 0 to 10, so I assume that means you're sexual up there.


It may be more clear if you have -10 to -1  inclusive be asexual, 1 to 10 inclusive be sexual, and 0 be if you fall under the 'other' section - the 'sexual traits' you define further on. E.g. if you're pansexual or panromantic. Grey-sexual would be around 1-5. Then, if you're asexual you could be -10 on the sexuality y-axis, and -10 on the romanticism y-axis.


Very likely I've just gotten confused though, could you clarify please? I've attempted to describe my own orientation below.


  • Sex: Female
  • Gender: -3 to 2
    • Mostly neutral, sometimes swing to feel more masculine or rarely feminine.
  • [Masculine - Feminine term]: -3 to 2
    • Same as gender to me - I express my gender in terms of my femininity or masculinity.
  • Sexuality: As a physics student, I'm tempted to give you an equation for the shape, but I'll resist. -2 to 10 on the x-axis. +1 to +5 on the y-axis.
    • I am primarily gay. I have very little attraction to the opposite gender.
  • Sexual Traits:
    • I wouldn't say any of these terms help describe my orientation, so I've omitted them.


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