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AVEN Digest - 13th November 2017

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AVEN Digest - 13th November 2017


Site News:


Guidance has been posted on how to appeal a warning or ban on AVEN.


Voting has begun in elections for a new moderator and Project Team member.


World Watch:


The Rocky Mountain Collegian looks at the experiences of asexual students.


Refinery 29 posted an article on asexuality for Asexual Awareness Week.


The Lamron and BuzzFeed look at representation of asexual characters in the media.


The Daily Evergreen explores the diversity of asexuality.


The Bona Venture ponders what it means to be asexual.


Comicosity talks asexual representation in Moonlighters.


Here and Now looks at AVEN founder David Jay's experience of co-parenting as an asexual.


Feminism in India posted two articles on asexuality for Asexual Awareness Week.


Still in India, Youth Ki Awaaz also has a couple of articles on asexuality.


ODDNAARI explains asexuality.


Asexuality is covered in a Pink News article on the evolution of the LGBT+ acronym.


Dan Savage's Savage Love column recently covered asexuality again.


UK soap opera Emmerdale looks set to have its first asexual character.


The BBC's news magazine has a new article on asexuality.


An asexual flag (and other pride flags) has appeared in screenshots for video game Call of Duty: WWII.


Refinery 29 reports on GLAAD's survey of LGBTQ representation on television, which for the first time includes asexuality.


Papyrus looks at the inclusion of asexuality within the LGBT+ community.


Popsugar asks where the asexual representation is at Pride events.


Teen Vogue posts a personal story of asexuality.


The University of Connecticut's Daily Campus reported on plans for Asexual Awareness Week in October.


The Ubyssey's Ask Natalie column takes a question from an asexual.


The Huffington Post looks at asexual erasure.


A new research article in the JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports looks at LGBT+ people with intellectual disabilities.


The Sexualities journal has an article on romantic asexuals.


The Open Journal of Psychiatry and Allied Sciences also has an article on asexuality.


The Independent interviews a 'former asexual person'.


Female First talks about asexuality in its advice to sexless couples.




A new YouTube channel for Mexico City asexuals has been launched.


Canadian meetup - Toronto (18th November)


UK meetup - York (18th November)


The full schedule for 2017/2018 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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