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      New Team members Needed--Moderator and Project Team: Voting   03/01/18

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New Project Team member needed: AVEN Media Coordinator: Nominations

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We are now taking nominations for a PT member in for the office of AVEN Media Coordinator.


The Project Team is in charge of visibility projects on AVEN. For more information about what the Project Team does, please see this link:




Possible Project Team activities include:

- dealing with AVEN's media and research requests,

- managing resources,

- giving help to others with their visibility projects.


All PT positions have a duration of 2 years. If anyone steps down in that time, a new election will be held and the replacement will have a new term of 2 years.


The office that we are presently in need of is: AVEN Media Coordinator.


Responsibilities: The AVEN Media Coordinator's primary responsibility is to coordinate with journalists and AVEN's media teams. This involves managing the various media teams, helping to recruit new members when necessary, and maintain relationships with the heads of media teams for various countries and languages. Media requests are recieved by email and posted on the forums, and it is AVEN Media Coordinator's responsibility to make sure that these are promptly forwarded to the appropriate people.

Other responsibilities include answering questions journalists have about the site, and to develop AVEN's media policy as and when needed.
The The AVEN Media Coordinator must be good at promptly handling media requests as they come in. They must be good at speaking with journalists, and they must be good at group coordination.


If you think that you would be an awesome AVEN Project Team Member, please throw you hat, turnip, whatever, in here.


Please make sure to specify which position you are running for, and be aware that you can't run for more than one position at the same time.


To run, a person must have been a member for at least 6 months, and have at least 100 posts that are not in the Just For Fun or Welcome Area forums. You also cannot run with an active, current, warning. The eligibility criteria for PT are precisely the same as that for an Admod. A bio is required by voting time. Election rules are here:





You can run for only one office at a time.


Voting will be by a vote of confidence.


This is the timeline for this election:


Thursday, 2 November to Thursday, 9 November: Nominations.

Thursday, 9 November to Sunday, 12 November: Dedicated Q&A period.

Sunday, 12 November to Sunday, 19 November: Voting.



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I'd like to run for this again.

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@Kelly Was this forgotten to move to Campaigns?

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Locked, as campaigns have started.

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