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Friends with only some of the benefits?

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So I recently figured I relate to demisexuality in some ways, but without identifying as such, and am trying to get a better idea of where exactly I do relate. Wondering if anyone has had any situations similar to my own that can be described as "friends with benefits", but without going all the way.

Basically, in my life I've had two friends with benefits who I met up with a couple of times, they both respected that I didn't want to go all the way as I didn't want to/desire to/feel comfortable doing so without being in a relationship, but I still had other friends say that by not going all the way I was missing out, not doing it properly, etc. The first was when I was 19 and hadn't done anything more than kissing, and therefore my first experience of anything. The second was after I had been single for about four years (I had previously been had a girlfriend for just over three years, my only fully sexual relationship).

Both times were with friends I had known for a number of years, and although I did enjoy what we did, there were times when we could have met up but I didn't feel the desire to. Especially the second time as, having experienced a fully emotional sexual relationship, it definitely felt like there was something missing and that the experience was incomplete (ie, the emotional intimacy, not the sex) and did feel a bit weird at times.

As I said, just wondering if anyone has any had any similar situations, and if anyone has any comments or questions to help me try and get a better idea of how to define things, they're also more than welcome.

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