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Lady Girl

Account Deactivation and Deletion Requests

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Lady Girl

For most of AVEN's history, it has been the tacit policy of the admod team not to delete user profiles. Making deletions has the potential to cause problems with the forum database tables, damaging links to any threads containing posts by the deleted member. Furthermore, where a member has been deleted, the site's search functionality is disrupted, making it far less effective than it might be. The following options, however, are offered to members.


At the user's request, we can suspend/deactivate an account almost indefinitely (a span of time must be specified, but that span may be several hundred years). We can also strip the account of identifying information, including emptying any fields in the profile section, hiding and disabling the comments section on the profile, and removing the email address from the profile. Removing email will also prevent the site from contacting you as a user. Your account will be listed as 'suspended'. Please note that if you wish for any posts to be deleted or edited, you will have to perform such actions yourself before your account is suspended.


The admod team will grant account deletion requests for any member who has fewer than 25 posts AND no disciplinary history (you have received no nudges or warnings). Both of these must apply to you for the deletion to happen. Any request for deletion is made with the implicit understanding that the PM requesting deletion will be shared with the administration team as a whole. 


For more information, please contact any member of the admod team. 


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