Hello AVENites!    The AVENues Newsletter Editorial Team and I are delighted to present to you the Winter 2017 edition of our quarterly newsletter, this time placing a particular focus on your Ace experiences over the forthcoming holiday season.   Below you'll find this edition's preface and the links to grab your Ace fix:         To download  http://bit.ly/avenues-winter-2017-download (~2MB)   To view / share  http://bit.ly/avenues-winter-2017     ___________________________________________________________________________________     Editor-in-Chief @Ciri
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Contributors @Galactic Turtle @omgsospooky @Snaocula and you!...     If you missed our PRIDE Special in the Summer, you can view it here!   If you have any feedback, suggestions or content submissions, please (as always) reach out to the Team at newsletter@asexuality.org or avenues.submissions@gmail.com, or comment on this thread.