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      Help fund AVEN's servers!   11/06/17

      AVEN is doing its annual fundraiser to raise donations for server costs! See http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/163251-aven-server-fundraiser/ for more details.  
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      New AVENues Edition: Aces in the Media   01/25/18

      The new edition of AVENues is done!   See:      
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      New Team members Needed--Moderator and Project Team: Voting   03/01/18

      Voting has started. See:   https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/168600-new-moderator-needed-asexual-relationships-voting/ https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/168601-new-project-team-member-needed-director-of-social-media-voting/  
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AVEN Digest - 23rd October 2017

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AVEN Digest - 23rd October 2017


Site News:


Election results are in - welcome to new team members .Lia, October Country and kaysir.


The 2017 AVEN Census has been launched.


The Announcements forum guidelines have been updated.


Check out the bulletin thread for the latest news from the Project Team.


Research requests:


Opinions are being sought on whether asexuality can be seen as a culture.


A new study is looking at the lives of asexual people outside of sex and romantic relationships.


World Watch:


A new short film about asexuality is being created by a Brazilian filmmaker.


Asexuality was recently featured on the Polyamory Weekly podcast.


The BBC has published an article and hosted a radio panel interview on asexuality as part of Asexual Awareness Week.




Asexual Outreach is seeking blog entries for Asexual Awareness Week.


Austrian meetups - Salzburg (28th-29th October)


Canadian meetups - Toronto Asexual Awareness Week events (23td-25th October); Vancouver (27th October); Winnipeg (29th October)


UK meetups - Winchester (28th October); Leeds (29th October)


US meetups - Grand Rapids, Michigan (27th October); San Francisco, California; Sugarland, Texas (28th October)


The full schedule for 2017/2018 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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