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Research Participation Request: Becoming Asexual: Identity, Societal Roles, and Community

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There has been little social science research on the new sexual identity of asexual, referring to people who do not experience sexual attraction. Most of the existing research has surveyed asexual individuals about sexual behavior and desire.  I am interested in gaining knowledge about the lives of asexual individuals outside of sex and romantic relationships.


I am looking to interview adult women and men (age 18 and over) about what asexual identity means to them, including those who don’t like these terms or don’t use these terms.  I will focus on individuals in specific age groups (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and over 50), those who are single and in relationships, in rural and urban settings, and from diverse ethnic and racial groups.  I will ask interviewees the following questions:
1.    What does “asexual” mean to you and how did you come to identify as asexual?
2.    Who are you “out” to about being asexual?  What were their reactions?
3.    How did being asexual affect you as a student in school or college?  What were some advantages or disadvantages of having an asexual identity in educational settings?
4.    How did being asexual affect you in work settings?  What were some advantages or disadvantages of having an asexual identity in the workplace?
5.    Tell me about your relationships with others—family of origin, friends, co-workers, members of community organizations, etc. 
6.    How would you describe your religious or spiritual life?
7.    What other aspects of your asexual identity are important to you? 


Please email me at erothblu@mail.sdsu.edu and let me know something about yourself and how your asexual identity figures in your life.  Selected interviewees will be paid $25 for an interview that will take about one hour. Thanks for your interest!


Esther Rothblum,

Professor of Women's Studies, San Diego State University



This research request has been approved by the Research Approval Board for advertising on AVEN.



Dedicated Research Contact 

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Are you looking only for people who identify as ace, or also grey-ace? I used to identify as ace but now I'm leaning toward demi.

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Are you still looking for participants? Also, is there any timeframe you are looking for as far as how long an individual has identified as Asexual?


Thank you!

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