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Official New Election Procedures

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I thought I'd throw out a note, just food for thought:


I don't just have the option of voting yes or no. I also have the option of abstaining. So, in a way, I have three levels of support I can give: I can vote yes for those candidates I support, abstain on the ones I feel neutrally about, and no for the ones I specifically don't think would make good mods. So I don't have to just vote yes to one and no to all the others, or yes to them all, or some combination of yes and no. I could vote yes to two candidates, abstain on one, and vote no for one that I really don't think would do a good job. Remember, abstain votes are not counted, either in favour or not.


So. I am not faced with the decision of a yes vote or a no vote. Giving someone a +1 or a -1 means there is a difference of 2; but if I'm able to give someone a +1, -1, or 0, then I have a finer grained measurement tool... for the math nerds out there who think like I do :P (Also, we don't sum the votes like the math analogy I just used implies, so it's not a perfect analogy; someone who got 31 yes votes and 30 no votes still wins over someone who got 20 yes votes and 51 abstains).


Edit: sorry for not being as eloquent as I usually am. I haven't been able to sleep since 4:30am, and my insomnia is not helping my brain function; I'm just chilling for another hour before I have to "get up" for work...

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