Research Participation Request: Asexuality and Perceptions of College Hookup Culture

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Christina Kopper from Boise State University has contacted us with the following request:





We are two researchers from Boise State University, studying the lived experience of asexuals in college. I am Christina Kopper and I am a self-identifying asexual and undergraduate student working with Dr. Ginna Husting, a sociology professor, at Boise State University. We are particularly interested in how to navigate college culture when it can emphasize ‘hooking up’ as a key way to socialize.  We are asking for participants who are 18-27 years old, and have attended or are attending a college or university.

Interviews will be conducted via email and your answers and identity will remain confidential (unless you explicitly state that you would like to remain anonymous). Your participation is completely voluntary; and we’d be delighted if you’d help us research the ways that people navigate asexuality on campuses!


If you are interested, please email me at christinakopper@u.boisestate.edu to begin the interviewing process.


If you’d like to remain anonymous, please click on the link to create an anonymous email address (please do not include your real name or geographic location in the username you choose): www.yahoo.com


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me with the email address provided above, or Dr. Ginna Husting (ghusting@gmail.com).


Thank you for your time.


Christina Kopper

Undergraduate Student – Sociology Department

Boise State University


This research request has been approved by the Research Approval Board for advertising on AVEN.


Project Team

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Question, what if you're attending a university, but campuses aren't really a thing in your country, so you don't live there and the hookup culture isn't as in your face as it otherwise would be?


Or is this only meant for US students?

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Ahh, I'm only 1 year too old to participate ;_;

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