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This may explain why asexuals have sex

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Pan Ficto. (on hiatus?)
6 hours ago, Serran said:

Some people I know in the U.S., their work places would never dream of it. And, I work in a school, so we're not really supposed to talk about that stuff where the kids could hear it - it's not very appropriate conversation around 4-11 year olds. However, they still do, all the time. My one co-worker was talking about handcuffs and how the ladies in the kitchen bought her boss a set of edible underwear for valentines day one year. When I told them I was going to England to visit my partner, they immediately started commenting on how much sex we'd be having during that visit. My co-worker that likes handcuffs even said she should buy me a kinky sex toy for valentines day so I could take it with me. It's a game for them to actually see how much they can make me blush, cause they found out my fair skin does it quite easily. :P I even got asked if I had ever tried "chocolate" (meaning, been with a black man), cause I was being teased about my male co-worker. 


When I worked at a different school for a single day, I was surrounded by ladies talking about all the er, stuff, at the male strip club they were interested in seeing (cause that was the work place gathering, apparently... ). When I worked at the grocery store, I got stuck talking to a girl that was going on and on about the customers and co-workers she wanted, just by how hot they were, who kept asking me my opinions (and seriously would not take a hint I wanted the conversation to end...). When I worked at the sandwich shop, the ladies would be in the back recreating their facial expressions and sounds from their threesome experiences to show how into it they were, while I was just trying to silently chop the veggies for the next day and avoid being dragged into it (though, I did get asked what protection I preferred during sex, which I shrugged and dodged out to the front, which made them decide I was very shy).


I mean, it's never much bothered me, it's just part of how people socialize. But, since sex is such a common shared interest, I've always heard it talked about. I don't particularly want to hear what penises the ladies I work with for a single day are into, but whatever, I just do my work and avoid the convo. And when it turns to me, I just kind of dodge / brush it off and let them assume I am into sex, but too shy to talk about it. 


I'm guessing the factors of it being talked about vs not vary a bit. All female or all male environment probably increases the risk, as people are less prone to discussing things in mixed company. The more professional the environment, probably the less likely - while your more blue collar work places will have more of it. Etc, etc. 

Again this must be a cultural thing or something because in the places I've worked, no one just blabs about all this sex stuff where anyone can hear lol. Even in the brothel it was only something talked about if you knew a couple of the girls well and we'd have a private convo between us discussing aspects of the job and how it effects sex in our real lives or whatever. Well actually, it's been like that anywhere I've been here. If you know someone well enough to talk about that stuff you do.. so like, a group of friends or whatever. But blabbing it where anyone can hear is kind of like "ew calm down". And a teacher would be fired for talking about something like that where kids can hear (even if the kids are teens). It's just not done.

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