Know someone who makes videos about asexuality? Post it here and I will add it to the list!    To be included in this list, the youtuber should have at least 2 asexual videos posted to their channel. I will list them alphabetically according to their channel name. All are English channels unless otherwise noted.    Aaron Ansuini Accio Ace Aced it! Aces Sitcom The Ace Space Aces Wild Adventures of an Asexual AmeliaAce Andrea F (Spanish) Antstesia (French) Askapansexual Asexual Media Archives Asexuales México y América Latina (Spanish) Ash Hardell Avenites Asexuales (Spanish)
Blue Phoenix Ace
Brian Langevin   ChandlerNWilson Cookee Monsterr   DumandsONE   Embly Estudio Katastrofico (Spanish) Evan Edinger   HeyoDamo
IAmTheMightyG   JoeeJayy   Milo Stewart moonchild   OneTakeAsh OnlyAliceMitchell   Pieces of Ace - The Asexual Podcast   QueerAsCat Queer Kid Stuff Quinn Creates   saskia and lily Sam Broadley simply_kenna swankivy   youngblossom
Zeruiah TheGoddess   For more (including some that are not asexual), click here: