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Lady Girl

Staff Code of Conduct

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Lady Girl

Code of Conduct:


This code of conduct describes how each member of AVEN staff is expected to behave towards other people both on the open board and in the privacy of the Admods Only forum. It includes an overview of what we as staff expect from each other and also what the members have expressed they expect from us. It does not include every rule and procedure, but it gives examples of some of the basics related to conduct and professionalism. All the rules and protocols that staff are expected to know and follow are found in Admods Only and the Admod Info Center subforum.


- Staff rules and procedures and the AVEN terms of service


1. Our breaching rule is the first in the list of basic guidelines

2. Admods should be familiar with the basics as well as "The Important Threads"

3. Staff members need to follow and adhere to the AVEN ToS and Chat ToS

4. The membership expects us to fulfill the duties outlined in Mod and Admin Roles


- Good judgement


1. If unsure about an action to take, post in "Admods Only" for feedback or PM another admod for advice

2. If you have strong feelings about a member or situation, consider abstaining and letting others handle it

3. We are representatives of AVEN, therefore our posts should reflect that (including posts we make as members)


- Admods and threads


1. Be sure to post all major actions or Admodly communications in Admods Only (Thread Actions, Randoms, or in other appropriate location)

2. If there is a problematic thread, bring it to the attention of Admods or lock it for a 24 hr. cool down period

3. Again, if you are unsure about posting in green (or other action to take), get advice from the team or another admod

4. If an Admods Only thread is making you feel upset, step away


- Responsibility and courtesy


1. No personal attacks of other staff members on or off AVEN


Admods cannot use off-AVEN means of communication to attack, insult or otherwise harass other members of the staff. This includes, but is not limited to, Admods' meetings on skype. Mutual respect is fundamental for a positive environment to work in, and off-AVEN communications should not be used to cross the line without taking responsibility.

This rule also applies to admod's comments regarding AVEN members. Insulting members in the Admods Only forum or off AVEN is not acceptable. [This applies to all staff members]


2. Treat your teammates with courtesy and respect during admod discussions in public or in private

3. If you are resigning, please follow the "Official Resignation Protocol" (outlined below)

4. Be timely with reports and follow "Report Forum Rules" (it is important to act on reports and resolve issues on the board)

5. Be as impartial as possible regarding reports and green posts


- Mistakes


1. Communicate...let the team know what happened

2. If it's a problem in Admods, acknowledge and communicate


- Professionalism


1. Use templates for communication with members whenever possible

2. Don't answer questions on the board for the whole team (unless it is approved: see the "Should I Post It?" thread)


-Conditional Resignations and "Threats" to Resign


Due to previous issues with discussions being disrupted and the team dynamics being strained with threats of resignation, the team has decided that conditional resignations and threats of resignation will no longer be tolerated from staff members. It hinders our policy and decision making process.


If it happens, it is possible that the member who posts in such a fashion may be reported and brought under review. The team will review the case and based on all the factors, the team member who violates this rule may face disciplinary consequences and even be removed from their position.


These are specific examples of what is acceptable and what is not when posting about resigning, thinking about resigning, and frustrations with the team or team decisions:


It is not acceptable -

1) to post (on AVEN or Skype) that you are thinking about resigning because you're unhappy about admod decisions or the team

2) to post (on AVEN or Skype) that you will resign if the team does not change a decision about policy or other, or something does not go as you'd like


It is acceptable -

1) to post (on AVEN or Skype) that you are frustrated with team dynamics or a team decision

2) to post (on AVEN) that you ARE resigning and are unhappy about admods (while maintaining respect for team members), when actually posting your official resignation

3) to post that you are considering resigning due to individual duties and difficulties or personal reasons, or any other reason unrelated to team discussions/issues that may bring you to resign




So basically, it's really important for all staff members to learn and follow the rules of the board but also to understand procedures for conducting business back here. If we take time to do that, half the job is done. The above Code of Conduct is a guideline to help us do that well. We are representatives of AVEN and as such, we need to act in a manner that not only makes us worthy of the position we are elected to, but that ensures admod business runs smoothly. This code is meant to set the tone for being an accountable group of people and help us follow a higher standard.

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