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Gray-Sexuality Zone!

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Thanks Puck for these. I've always been a little reluctant to post sex-related questions on Aven as when I've asked anything it always turns heated and generally unhelpful. I am potentially grey-ace, though to most people I just say ace because it saves a tonne of explanation, esp as I'm aromantic and nothing grey about that. In a nutshell, I've often found men in uniforms or smartwear sexually attractive, unless it's just very strong admiration, and I've rarely seen a celebrity as "hot" (I can think only of one). But it's all sort of "in theory only attraction", if that is such a thing and is generally extremely rare attraction at best (which would be greyace of course). And even then, I'm totally repulsed by a lot of things like oral, but then some alloro allosex people describe certain aspects of sex as "intimate" and "romantic", that then gets me totally confused. All I know is that it's extremely rare, and definitely no romantic attraction mixed in!

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