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Coming out?

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So I've started the long process of telling my family that I'm Ace and that I romantically am interested in both females and males, however I'm still on the aromantic spectrum. So I have a few questions I'd like to discuss with other people:

1. Do you view telling people you're asexual or on the spectrum as coming out?

2. Do Aces have/should have a fun phrase like coming out of the oven?

3. Views/Personal stories about telling people

4. How do you explain asexuality to a younger individual (such as 10 and younger)?

5. Any tips on dealing with negative feedback, such as positive retorts or how to ignore it?


I have more questions and will probably ask them later, but for now I want to start with these ones.

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1. I do see telling people you are ace or ace spec as "coming out" because you're telling a person what your sexual orientation is.


2.I don't see why not.


3. I am indifferent about others coming out. People need to do what is right for them. I have only told three people about my asexuality, all the responses have been very positive.


4. If I came across a kid 10 or younger....I don't know how to respond....if a kid asked me about asexuality.... I would just say "some people just don't like boys or girls" though that may not be the best response because many aces still have romantic attraction. If a kid didn't ask me, there is no need to even bring it up,obviously.


5. Hmm....if some one says "you haven't met the right one yet" tell them: "you haven't met the right man/woman yet"  If someone says "How do you know you're asexual if you haven't tried sex yet?" Say: "How do you know you're straight/gay if you haven't had sex with some one of the same/opposite sex?" In my experience, you have to give them the same question, basically. It stops them in their tracks, at least in my experience. 

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