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ArrowChat: Instructions & FAQs


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Please note: This thread is a work in progress, as we are still in the process of familiarizing ourselves with the new chat engine. If you have any questions or concerns, please post them below. We will update this post as we learn more.



ArrowChat Instructions:

How to Access/Hide chat:


In the lower right hand corner of the AVEN page, you will see the Show Chat icon. Click on it to expand the chat bar. This bar will remain at the bottom of the screen until you click the Hide Chat button (in the same location that the Show Chat icon was).





With the bar expanded, you'll see an additional icon, Chat Rooms. Click on that to access the chat rooms. To hide the chat rooms, click on the Chat Rooms icon again. You do not officially join chat until you select a chat room.






Chat Rooms:


While in the Chat Rooms window, you can select one of the three tabs to access chat in the associated chat room. You will see there is a text entry box, as well as the emoticon icon, at the bottom of the screen. There are three icons in the top right hand corner of the Chat Rooms screen:


Options: Gives you access to features like Chat Room Sounds and Block Private Chat. This menu is hidden by clicking the Options icon again.





Right panel toggle: The unlabelled icon directly beneath the Options icon hides/reveals the right information panel, which lists the members currently in chat. Clicking on a member name will reveal another menu with features such as Private Message, Block User and Report Spam/Abuse.





Popout chat room: While you can leave the chat feature in this configuration, you also have the option of popping the chat rooms screen into its own window, which allows access to a number of features. This is accomplished by clicking the Popout chat room icon. Leaving the popout chat room is accomplished by clicking the X for closing a browser tab in the upper right hand corner.






Popout chat room:


This window has more functionality. You will see two unlabelled icons at the top of the screen. The one on the far right is the right panel toggle, which hides/reveals a list of usernames currently in chat. The one on the far left is the left panel toggle, which reveals an additional pane of information and features, including the Options icon. The Popout chat room allows greater ease of navigation between chat rooms and private chats, as well as access to features such as Manage Block List.


Arrowchat FAQs:


Q: How do I turn the sounds on or off?


A: You can access the Chat Room Sounds option by clicking on the Options icon to access chat room options and settings.



Q: Someone is bothering me in chat. What can I do?


A: You have a number of options. You can try asking the other member to stop whatever it is that they're doing. If that fails, you can click on their username in the right hand information pane and block that member so you will no longer see their posts. If the other party is doing something that violates the AVEN Terms of Service, you can also report that person.









Q: I blocked someone in chat. How do I unblock them?


A: Unblocking someone is accomplished by first accessing the Popout chat room, clicking on the left panel button in the upper left hand corner, clicking on Options icon, and then clicking on Manage Block List. You can select the username you wish to unblock from the dropdown.















Q: How do I report someone in chat?

A: You can report an issue in chat by clicking on the username in the right information pane and selecting "Report Spam/Abuse". This will automatically forward a report that the Chat Admins can view. It will include a log of the preceding chat.

PLEASE NOTE: Chat Admins no longer have the ability to search through chat logs. As such, if something disruptive or concerning occurs in chat, it is important to report the incident when it happens, or we will likely be unable review the situation.








Q: How do I leave the chat?

A: If you are in the Chat Rooms window, you need to leave each room in order to leave Chat completely. Hover your cursor over the chat tabs and click the X that appears; once you've left all the rooms, you will be signed out of chat and will receive no more messages. If you are in the Popout chat room, do the same for the Chat Room tabs at the bottom of the window and then click the X in the upper right hand corner to close the window.








Q: What if I just want to leave a specific chat room? 


A: Click on the X beside the name of the chat room you wish to leave.



Q: How can I join additional rooms? 


 A: To join an additional chat room, press the + icon next to the room tab on  your chat window. This will open up a room selection window for you. Click an additional room to add it to your open chat room tabs. 









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