Welcoming 101 [guidelines for greeting] - PLEASE READ

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Hello, and welcome to the Welcome Lounge! :cake: This is often the first place new members will post, and it's really important for more experienced members, or even fellow new members, to say hi and make them feel more comfortable. It's not easy being in a new place, especially if you're pondering your identity. 


Sometimes new members are happy they've learned something new about themselves, sometimes they're unsure how they feel about this discovery, and sometimes they're still trying to figure out if the label is right for them. Life can be confusing, right?


So here are some small guidelines to consider when welcoming new AVENites: 


  • First and foremost, be as welcoming as possible! Greet them, and let them know this is a place accepting of all people. : )
  • Please try to avoid definition discussions. Instead, try pointing them in the direction of further reading.  
  • If they have questions you can answer, please try to help! Just be mindful of the tone of your post.
  • Don't tell someone they are or are not asexual (or otherwise). It's always up to each individual to decide their orientation for themselves. Only they know themselves best!
  • It's become a tradition to offer new members [pictures of] cake in the Welcome Lounge. It's not a must, but it's an additional touch to show some support. (If they don't like cake, maybe post something else? If you can't post pictures, no problem! We have a cake emoji. :cake:)


Thank you for reading through this! Remember, it's our job as AVEN members to share not only information but also support and a place to feel comfortable. : )



As this is to be a safe place for new members to step forward and be welcomed into the community, any insults (even indirect ones), harsh criticisms, invalidation of anyone's thoughts, feelings or identity, bullying, or any other form of personal attack are not permitted and will be more stringently dealt with than might otherwise occur in other parts of the AVEN site.


Such comments may be removed from view at the discretion of the moderator and the poster may be subject to further action, including but not limited to nudges or warns.



Welcome Lounge Moderator

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