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ONS letter and UK census update

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Posing this a bit later than intended but better late than never:

Recently, we posted about a letter written by academics and therapists asking the Office of National Statistics to include asexuality as an option for the proposed Sexual Identity question on the UK census.

For AAW (well almost), we'd like to re-release the letter, adding a load of new signatures, from various researchers and therapists who've asked their name to be added. The new version is here:


Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the letter and also of course to the people who signed.

During AAW, I posted a video about it (please excuse the lighting etc - I don't cam much!) This also has a brief update from the consultation meeting I went to run by the ONS.

It would be really appreciated if you could help us reblog the letter again.

We've put it on twitter here:

https://twitter.com/asexuality/status/792932412053266433(tag @ONS, hash #countaces)

And tumblr:




Thanks again for all your help!

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